Workplace Testing for Production Companies

If you or someone you know has been working in the UK film and television industry, you’re well aware of the significant impact COVID-19 has had on production. You’ve likely become accustomed to the around-the-world travelling and a fast-paced production schedule. Sadly, with COVID-19 came the shut-down of many workplaces, including those of TV and film production companies. 

Thankfully, in 2021, the world is restarting and recovering. The British Film Commission’s comprehensive Film and High-End TV Drama Production Guidance (Coronavirus COVID-19) was issued as part of the BFI Screen Sector Task Force’s COVID-19 recovery efforts. The UK Government approves it.

The United Kingdom Government backing for industry-led guidelines shows that the UK screen industry is confident in safely restarting production and contributing to its economic recovery.

The Task Force has established sector-specific standards of practise for film and high-end TV drama production to assist the industry in returning to work as swiftly and securely as feasible, in addition to contributing to and supporting other initiatives. 

With the reopening of the film and television industry for production, you’re likely wondering about the latest guidelines on travel and COVID-19. Today, we will discuss the latest guidelines, as well as information about COVID-19 testing and travelling, including where you can go for testing. 

Where Can I Find the Latest Guidance on the UK’s Response to COVID-19?

On COVID-19 and the UK’s response, there are many significant sources of information and guidance:

  • The government is giving the most up-to-date information and advice on COVID-19 and the steps it is taking. To learn more, click here. 
  • Guidance on business support is provided here. 
  • Mind, a mental health organisation, has also offered information and guidance on caring for your mental health during this period. 
  • The British Film Institute and the British Film Commission collaborated with ScreenSkills to create an online training programme to help individuals implement recommendations. Through its National Lottery-funded Future Film Skills plan, the ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund and the BFI offer this free basic awareness training. Learn more about the return-to-work training available. 
  • The new BFC regulation supports existing production guidelines from ITV, BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Channel 5, STV, ITN, the Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA), and Pact for all television genres. Learn more. 
  • COVID-19 Guidance for Safe Work in Visual Effects (VFX) and Post-Production has also been issued by the UK Screen Alliance. The guideline aims to offer a framework for businesses when they return to on-premises working while protecting their workers, contractors, and clients. More information is available here. 
  • It’s worth noting that each production will still have to meet any criteria imposed by insurers, funders, or completion bonders. Read the government’s general instructions for working safely. 
  • The Film and TV Support Line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist those in the business with both significant and minor problems. You can access it via live chat or call by dialling 0800 054 00 00. If the present circumstance impacts, the team is willing to listen and assist you in weighing your choices.

Is It Possible for Me to Go Abroad Right Now, Given COVID-19?

To prevent and inhibit the transmission of novel Coronavirus strains into the UK, the UK government announced a tightening of foreign travel restrictions. It implies that the film and high-end television production exemptions have been revoked. All overseas visitors (including British and Irish nationals) must undergo a post-arrival PCR test and self-isolate for ten days when entering the UK unless vaccinated by a recognised (UK, Europe, US)  vaccination programme. Before travelling to the UK, all passengers must continue to fill out a passenger locator form and pass a negative COVID-19 test.

The government’s Test to Release programme will continue, allowing travellers to reduce their obligatory self-isolation time to as few as five days. When they are released from self-isolation, they will still be subject to government prohibitions. More information may be found here.

While more work is being done to manage the threat posed by coronavirus variants, measures are being reviewed regularly. The exemption list, the passenger locator form and COVID-19 testing requirements are all updated on GOV.UK.

What You Should Know When Visiting Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland

Visiting Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland: If you plan to visit Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, there are various rules. 

Test to Release Scheme: If you’ve been in an amber-listed nation or territory, you can take an additional test to determine if the Test to Release plan can help you get out of quarantine sooner. Learn more about the Test to Release. You do not need to quarantine or take a day 8 test after you arrive in England if you are fully vaccinated under the UK or US vaccination scheme or if you have been vaccinated under an approved vaccination programme in Europe.

COVID-19 Test if You’re Leaving England: If you require documentation of a negative COVID-19 test result to enter another nation, you can acquire tests in various methods. You may compare and select a test provider based on price and availability in your area.

Find a COVID-19 Travel Test Provider if You’re Traveling to or From England.

You’ll need to get tested for COVID-19 if you’re travelling from another country to England and vice versa.

If you’re coming to England from another country, the tests you’ll require depending on where you’ve been in the previous ten days. Learn the rules for the nations or territories you’ve visited.

You must schedule your COVID-19 tests ahead of time and allow enough time for them to be delivered to your England residence.

If you’re not sure what the regulations are, go through a list of everything you need to know if you’re to:

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